Laughing Girl Flowers is where the love of flowers and nature, high quality floral design, and fun come together! Here's what you can expect:

Joyful design rooted in nature.
I aim to create floral designs rich in texture and color, whether bold or subtle, enriched by my experience designing landscapes and love for plants, especially native flora. To me, the "greens" are just as important as the flowers in forming lush, fresh arrangements. But that doesn't mean the flowers get second shrift. I love to pair flowers, pods, grasses, and even lichen to form playful and engaging designs. Floral design should create a mood, just as a garden or landscape does. Flowers should also express the joy of the designer; I truly love what I do and I hope that's reflected in what I make for you.

The best flowers from the best local growers.
Using local and US grown flowers to the greatest extent possible and buying from growers in the Pacific Northwest are central goals for this studio. Not only do these practices guarantee the freshest and most beautiful product for you, but they support local farmers and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, packaging, and other environmentally harmful waste.

Environmentally sound practices.
I look to nature for my inspiration and do my best to treat her gently. This studio uses organically, sustainably, and locally grown flowers; composts all of our green waste; uses recycled and recyclable materials including up-cycled vases and containers; and discourages the use of chemical preservatives and floral foam.

A can-do attitude.
Laughing Girl Flowers is a creative studio with a practical side. I bring to this practice a project manager's approach of "on time, on budget" and an artist's and contractor's sense of "design and build." At the heart of my work is the belief that my job is to communicate clearly with you, my client, and create floral designs that will fill your heart with joy. And all this comes with a sense of humor and fun . . . and, of course, laughter.

A little about me, Liz Browning:
Originally from a small farming town in Northern California, I've resided in Seattle since 1995, and in West Seattle since 1999. After more than a decade working in landscape architecture, I decided to take the leap and make a long-held dream come true. Laughing Girl Flowers is the start of an exciting, flower-filled journey and I so look forward to sharing it with you!